Mentioned in the essay by Susana Ventura “Script for a debate about the definition of architectural photography,” audiovisual essay part of the exhibition “Fernando Guerra: X-Ray of a Photographic Practice,” curated by Luís Santiago Baptista, at Centro Cultural de Belém - CCB, Lisbon (July - October 2017)

The debate is already long; it counts over a century and a half of intense exchanges of arguments and appears still to raise different voices. The history of architectural photography melds with the history of photography, but there appears to be no consensus regarding the definition of the category or genre, namely the difference that exists between a photograph of architecture representing a determinate work of architecture and an artistic photograph (a work of art) which has the architectural work or the built landscape as object of its representation (or model of reality). One hears both parties.

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OCTOBER 9, 2017

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→ Susana Ventura - Script for a debate about the definition of architectural photography