This Osier Cage of Ours

©Jens Fänge/Mikael Olsson 2006


This Osier Cage of Ours

Jens Fänge / Mikael Olsson

“This Osier Cage of Ours” is a collaborative work between Swedish painter Jens Fänge and Mikael Olsson. Fänge’s works are the subject of the photographic series. They are staged in a dramatised way, such as behind an amber glass vase, in between catkin wearing willow branches or leaning on the floor behind a wooden chest of drawers. Rather than simply documenting Fänge’s works, the photographs oscillate between hiding and exposing the paintings. At times they are the central motif of the pictures, at other times their surroundings take over the image plane and determine the interpretative directive.

The title of the work is a text passage from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, referring to a basket of plants with valuable medicinal properties, through poisonous if not used in the right way.

Variable sizes

© Jens Fänge / Mikael Olsson