Insight out, Landschaft und Interieur als Themen zeitgenössischer Photographie
Edition Stemmle 1999

The artistic photography of the last ten years frequently uses the topics of landscape and interior as the thematic starting points for its ideas of the picture. In view of the vast number of artists who are turning towards these motifs one could almost say that they define some of the fundamental attitudes in contemporary photographic art and even once more put the genres up for discussion. The exhibition Insight-Out. Landscape and Interior as Subjects of Contemporary Photography deals with these questions and presents a variety of international artistic standpoints.

Artists: Dominique Auerbacher (F), Miriam Bäckström (S), Boris Becker (D), Katharina Bosse (D), Susanne Bürner (D), Joachim Brohm (D), Thomas Demand (D), Willie Doherty (GB), Elger Esser (D), Günther Förg (D), Mads Gamdrup (DK), Dan Graham (USA), Betsy Green (NL), Andreas Gursky (D), Maria Hedlund (S), Matthias Hoch (D), Dieter Huber (A), Axel Hütte (D), Candida Höfer (D), Kocheisen + Hullmann (D), Jan Koster (NL), Christopher Muller (GB), Walter Niedermayr (I), Mikael Olsson (S), Jack Pierson (USA), Lois Renner (A), Jörg Sasse (D), Thomas Struth (D), Alessandra Tesi (I), Edwin Zwakman (NL).

Exhibited at Kunstraum Innsbruck, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Kunsthaus Baselland. Curator: Barbara Hofmann

102 pages, 79 c-illustrations
German and english version
30,5 x 24,5 cm
ISBN 3-908161-57-6 Buch, 3-908161-92-4 Katalog
ISBN 13: 9783908161578
Barbara Hofmann and Kunstraum Innsbruck 1998
Edition Stemmle